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In This World and the Next Chapter 9

Dark Dungeons: play a ninja
It's been a while, I know, but I'm back. I can't make any promises as to a schedule, but I'm hoping to get cracking with this and Hogwarts Overexposed over the coming year.

Also, if you haven't already, check out A Perfectly Ordinary Nightmare: I wrote it as a reaction to the first chapter of ITWATN. It's basically how that set-up would pan out if everyone was in character. Suffice to say, we never get to the exploding Dementor.

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Hogwarts Overexposed Intro and Chapter 1

Hogwarts Exposed: TUESDAY!
I got a bit bogged down with the next chapter of the ITWATN review, for which I can only apologise for the long delay, so I thought I'd turn my attention to something less frustrating. Yes, you read that right. Hogwarts Exposed is pure dreck of the worst kind, but I can at least read most of it without getting a rage headache. (Though writing a parody of the whole Lord Potter thing helped too.) I may have to do ITWATN9 as a multi-parter, but for now let's get cracking with this.

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Hogwarts Too Exposed Chapter 24

Hogwarts Exposed: Hooch: om nom nom
Those of you who follow me on Tumblr will have seen this infographic:

This is why the final chapter of the first fic was by far the longest, as the author realised that all the titting about with the inconsequential (and later entirely forgotten) penultimate chapter was doing nothing to give us any resolution. Or anything at all, really. Now Hogwarts Too Exposed seems to have a slightly different problem, in that we've had the brief resolution and now there's just a bunch of stuff happening, which seems to be trying to set up the next story. There's nothing wrong with the resolution of one story leading into the set-up of the sequel, of course, but there is when it stops being a resolution altogether.

Anyway, without further ado, here's the final chapter of Hogwarts Too Exposed.
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Hogwarts Too Exposed Chapter 23

Hogwarts Exposed: Hooch: om nom nom
Hogwarts Exposed has trouble with pacing, to put it mildly. In the first fic, Chapter 23 had so little going on that the author himself forgot all about it. At least there we had Harry and Hermione's wedding still impending, so we knew that the story was heading for a conclusion of sorts. The end of the last chapter of Too Exposed, by contrast, leaves us with an overwhelming feeling that there's nowhere to go from here. We've had the plot-hole-ridden time travel to bring Jamie back from the dead. We've had the Caitlin/Emily thing for which this story is rightly infamous. We've had a sex scene that was every bit as bad as you'd expect, after which Moaning Myrtle appears because apparently she can access the Room of Requirement.

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